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When you find the thing you like doing the most, you want it to start as soon as possible. This is how we feel about travel and holidays.

For most of us the first step is the trip to the airport; a ‘good news’ place that’s supposed to get us in the mood for relaxation, excitement and adventure.

Unhappily and so often, it delivers stress, boredom and frustration where all we do is wait and wait and wait……

We love travel and wanted to do something about this so we developed the world’s first mobile travel channel for airports

Now passengers can watch travel films, download useful content free of charge whilst they wait to board their flights and download vouchers that allow them to get money off products and services during their holiday

Our slogan is “Get there before you arrive”.

Now the journey really can begin at the airport which is great news for our channel sponsors who are able to place their brand in front of tens of millions of passengers on our printed and mobile media at places of very high dwell time in the departure lounges and at the gates.

This is also makes our airport hosts happy as they benefit from lucrative profit share agreements from our revenue and get to improve the experience for their passengers.

We aren’t wizards but we hope that Wand brings back some of the magic to the airport journey.

A world media first

Free to access, free to host


Wand poster sample

Our channel has been created to entertain airport passengers as they wait at departure gates to board their planes. We advertise the channel and call the passengers to action with impactful 6 sheet posters strategically located at every departure gate across the airport estate. We offer high profile brand placement on our posters to an exclusive channel sponsor and this creates a guaranteed opportunity to view for every outbound passenger.

The Wand Travel Channel on a laptop The Wand Travel Channel on a tablet The Wand Travel Channel on a mobile phone

When the passengers tune in to the channel they will view films, information and offers on over 170 destinations. Whilst they browse they will notice brand placement from the channel sponsor placed on loading pages, destination pages, information sheets and offer sections. With average dwell times at gate statistically exceeding 20 minutes this ensures that the duration of each opportunity to view is maximised on the channel.

statistics graphic

The channel offers the passengers the opportunity to receive free vouchers for goods and services redeemable during their trip or on future trips. To access the vouchers the channel asks for the completion of a simple form. In this way the channel is able to gather data on its users that is accessible by the channel sponsor.


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