Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

Wand Technology is offering a unique sponsorship opportunity in the airport space and seeks a brand partner for a 12-month cycle commencing in January 2017.

We guarantee an audience of 13 million viewers comprising a known demographic, long dwell times and high impact prominence on an estate of 200 poster sites and in over 800 pages of travel content in-channel. In addition, there will be the strong PR value of association with a world media first.

As the Media Owner we have created an amazing opportunity at an award winning international airport. Here, passengers can enjoy rich travel content from over 170 destinations whilst they wait to board their flights, accessed on their mobile devices and completely free of charge. Extensive trials on site have delivered engagement levels far higher than anticipated and we will be pleased to share demonstrable data with our prospective sponsors.

We aim to establish a genuine and meaningful partnership with a sympathetic brand sponsor looking for an innovative way to start a conversation with over a millions prospective customers every month.

For more information on this unique offer and a full media pack please contact me at [email protected]

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