The Joy of Airport Rituals

Where else would you drink whisky at 6am or linger for an unfeasible time at the WHSmith aisle end bargain buckets?

I am a frequent traveller and I enjoy being in airports. I admit that there are aspects of the airport experience that are less pleasurable, like delayed flights or having to remind yourself to act natural when approaching a particularly menacing security official (probably the only time in your life when this is a consideration). But on the whole, airports are delightful places filled with cheery folk flush with the excitement of the adventures that are about to unfold, business deals that are about to conclude and romances that will be fulfilled.

Airports are also places where opportunities present themselves to do things that would never normally be done in Civvy Street. For example where else would you drink whisky at 6am or linger for an unfeasible time at the WH Smith aisle end bargain buckets before buying a tartan neck pillow and a Toblerone that could feed Rwanda.

These are the special things, the unique delights of the journey and they form an essential part of everything that is special about air travel. The Wand team were discussing their own little rituals, the things that they like to do during their airport visits. Whilst most were fit for human consumption and may occupy the lines of another post, some were definitely not.

With this said we’d be interested to know whether others have their own airport rituals and the extent that they are fit to commit to print.

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