Get There Before You Arrive

Wand Technology launches a world media first to enhance passenger experience and generate significant ancillary revenues for airport operators.

When you find the thing that you like to do the most you want it to start as soon as possible. Wand Technology feels this way about holidays and this is why they developed The Wand; a travel channel for airport passengers that transforms the long wait in departure lounges and at boarding gates into a fun way for all the family to get into the holiday mood before departing the airport.

The Wand channel can be accessed on almost every Wi-Fi enabled mobile device and is packed with HD films, saveable travel guides and discount vouchers for over 150 destinations.

The best part is that for the passenger it is completely free of roaming or airtime charges. So with average dwell times at boarding gates typically exceeding 25 minutes and often considerably longer, airports can now offer bored travellers a great new experience at a point in their journey which allows them to get their before they arrive.

The Wand travel channel will be offered to airport operators free of any charges whatsoever and will be wholly managed and maintained by Wand Technology for an agreed period of exclusive operation.

Wand Technology will commercialise the travel channel via a comprehensive 360 degree sponsorship package which will offer exclusive naming rights and guarantee highly visible brand prominence on print and mobile media with tens of millions of annual opportunities to view the brand. In addition sponsors will be offered access to the user engagement data that derives from a projection of millions of channel page impressions.

In consideration for an exclusive operational agreements airport hosts will be offered a lucrative annual profit share to boost their non-aviation ancillary revenues in addition to enhancing their customer experience offering at no cost to themselves.

The Wand travel channel is a world media first and is currently in advanced beta testing with an international airport operator.

If you would like more information about Wand Technology and the Wand travel channel please email Ian Kay at [email protected] or find out more at

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