… Because Nothing Has To Be This Hard

Airport operators are constantly striving for new ways to stimulate non-aviation ancillary revenues whilst simultaneously enhancing the passenger experience. It consumes many hours of innovative thought process and product evaluation and taxes the energies of huge human resource.

At Wand Technology we believe that we have the perfect offering to achieve both aims by delivering a lucrative solution for the airport operator and a great customer experience for the passengers.

The Wand travel channel provides a unique source of entertainment and information to travellers and offers them the opportunity to watch destination films, view inspirational guides and save vouchers for free drinks and meals as well as car hire and attraction discounts in resort. It is accessible on all mobile devices at airport departure gates where passengers can connect to the channel free of charge, without any roaming or airtime charges whatsoever and ensures that they can start their holiday before they board their plane.

Due to our innovative commercialisation model we are able to offer our airport hosts a lucrative annual profit share and like the passengers, the service is offered to them completely free of charge.

So the proposition is simple; spend no money and take no risk and in exchange we will pay you money. We appreciate that this may negate long, exhaustive, detailed, inter-departmental, collaborative brainstorming meetings with no certainty of an outcome. But if it is a fun alternative you want with very little internal effort required and healthy annual income as a result then this is definitely for you.

The Wand travel channel is a world media first and is currently in advanced beta testing with an international airport operator.

If you would like more information about Wand Technology and the Wand travel channel please email Ian Kay at [email protected] or find out more at www.wand-technology.com

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