The Wand | Maybe Magic, Definitely Predictive

The Wand travel channel for airport passengers may be the best medium for commercial sponsors who want to know who sees their brand, where and for how long.

Because the channel is positioned to be accessible by outbound travellers at their departure gate we are uniquely placed to predict precisely how many viewers will see our print media calls to action. Moreover we can even determine their exact destinations and segmentation from collaboration with our airport hosts. We are also able to accurately predict the average dwell times at the medium.
Once the travellers opt into the channel we are able to follow their unique journeys through city destinations selected, films viewed and guides and vouchers saved via the forms that they complete in-channel and the impressions that they make during their navigation. All of this is recorded on our own server to enable our hosts and sponsors to receive business information which offers them the best and most accurate interpretation of their viewership. It is also the best demonstration of the value of their sponsorship.
The Wand travel channel is a world media first that is free to access and free to host. It is the only customer experience driven medium in the airport space and is wholly commercialised through channel sponsorship.
If you would like more information about Wand Technology and the Wand travel channel please email Ian Kay at [email protected] or find out more at

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