How Many Jellyfish Does It Take To Brand Some Trousers?

This sort of word assembly is becoming very common in slogans created by the creative agency folk, presumably in an attempt to differentiate themselves from the peer pond. It is normally acclaimed by members of the wider group as genius as this serves to perpetuate the mystery around the art form. To most normal civilians it is just impenetrable twaddle.

It made me think about the slogan that we use at Wand.

We say “Get their before you arrive”.

On the face of it this seemed quite catchy. We give airport passengers a free travel channel filled with content like films, guides and vouchers that they can view and save on their mobile devices. We want them to get into the holiday mood before they board their flights and so the slogan seemed quite simple, intelligible and punchy.
Now I realise that when you are so close to a product you can easily lose your objectivity and slip into the trap of just putting words together that make no sense.

So the question is; “Is the slogan any good and if not what would be the alternative?” If we judge yours better we’ll use it.

In answer to the initial question about the Jellyfish the answer is obviously 11.

If you are a media planner or agency looking for a new space on which to place your brand and would like more information on this unique sponsorship opportunity please contact Ian Kay at [email protected] check us out at and follow Wand Technology on LinkedIn


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