Why Finding The Right Space Matters

Every brand wants to reach its audience but with so much competition for viewers inside and outside the home it can often feel like every space is already taken.

The Wand travel channel for airport passengers is a world media first that creates a new space to achieve brilliant prominence for millions of viewers in a relaxed uncluttered environment.

The Wand offering comprises print, digital and mobile media that calls travellers to action and connects them to a rich channel of travel content accessed on their mobile devices. The content includes destination films, inspirational guides and saveable vouchers for drinks, meals and services in resort. It is accessed at all departure gates where average dwell times around our media typically exceed 25 minutes in an area where there is little or no visual intrusion. It is completely free for passengers to access and for airport operators to host.

Impactful printed posters at every gate promoting the Wand guarantee an opportunity to view for every departing passenger and our interactive digital ‘specials’ at the busiest gates only enhance this opportunity ensuring high levels of engagement.

Once viewers connect, the channel is designed to get them into the holiday mood before they board their flights whilst also allowing visible brand placement in many interesting and sympathetic formats in channel.

The Wand is wholly commercialised through channel sponsorship including naming rights that allow prominent viewership of more than 12 million people per annum. Advanced beta testing completes at the end of September and a launch sponsor is now being actively sought for a full implementation with an airport partner in October 2015.

If you are a media planner or agency looking for a new space on which to place your brand and would like more information on this unique sponsorship opportunity please contact Ian Kay at [email protected] check us out at www.wand-technology.com and follow Wand Technology on LinkedIn

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